Making great ice isn't just a profession, it's a commitment to community, to people, to your club or arena.

We make a commitment to you.

Curling is a community. Hockey is a community. As a company, we know that, and we are committed to helping curling clubs and hockey arenas succeed and be sustainable. We understand the challenges that curling clubs and hockey arenas face. It’s challenging to provide the best ice conditions while working hard to get your community involved in the great sports of curling and hockey. We pride ourselves in finding the most practical and affordable solutions and strategies for our curling clubs and hockey arenas. We make it easier, efficient, and economical for you. That's why we work with you - our staff on your timeline, your budget.

 Our History 

The history of Tim’s Ice Manufacturing is really the history of a family and its love for the sport and community of curling. 

Earl James Yeo was a founding member of the Gibbons Curling Club. He was a strong advocate for competitive spirit showing sportsmanship whether winning or losing and a strong supporter of the Gibbons Curling Club. The Earl Yeo Memorial Award is presented to a club member, selected by a vote from all club members. This person reflects sportsmanship and is someone who attracts people to the sport and the club by their enthusiasm and friendship; a person who works tirelessly to improve the club and the sport.

Earl’s son, Tim Yeo, is one of the 10-plus Level 4 (the top-level) ice makers acknowledged by the World Curling Federation. Tim has been making ice for over 45 years for major events around the world such as the World Curling Championships. As a master ice maker, Tim carries on the legacy passed down from his father. In his career he has had the opportunity to work across Canada, Japan, and China. Tim has extensive experience in every aspect of ice making and facility management.

As a third generation ice maker, Matt Yeo continues the ice making tradition of his family. He has worked with his father, Tim Yeo, at a curling club since he was a teenager. Matt loves the sport of curling and it shows in his passion for his work and his huge support and involvement of the curling community. Matt has also worked on hockey ice at the Gibbons Hockey Arena as well as outdoor community hockey rinks. 

Kyle Winters is considered family as he started out working under Tim Yeo more than 10 years ago helping install both the curling and hockey rinks in Gibbons AB. From there is when his passion for the trade began. Kyle continues to work with Matt Yeo at the Avonair Curling Club.

A few years ago, both Matt and Kyle decided to start a small company in Matt’s father’s name. The company has grown tremendously in the last year providing curling ice install and maintenance services, and is now venturing out into hockey arenas. Welcome to Tim’s Ice Manufacturing; a family history of over 50 years, here to make your ice with care to perfection!

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