Decal Design & Manufacturing 

Working closely with a Canadian ice making company, we handle the design and manufacturing of decals between you and your sponsors.

Let us know what you and your sponsor are considering for in-ice advertising. Is it a logo at a specific size, a picture representing their brand, or is it a full house graphic? No matter what you and your sponsor want, we will dream it up!

The Process

Details of Design

What details and information does your sponsor want displayed? || Logo (vector format required –> file ending in ai. or eps.) • Website • Phone Number • Address • Slogan

What ideas do you or your sponsor have regarding the design (if not a simply logo decal such as a full house graphic)?

Design Creation & Approval

We or our partnered ice making company come up with a design? 

We’ll send the design to you and your sponsor for approval or for any changes that need to be made. Once approval is given, we’ll get it manufactured.

Manufacturing, Shipping & Delivery or Pick-up

Important | Decals are sent in for manufacturing at the beginning of June, July, August, and September. Manufacturing and Shipping typically takes 2 1/2 weeks. Please plan for when you will need all of your decals available for install.

We can deliver your decals to your club or arena, or you can pick them up at our location of business in North Central Edmonton.

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