Yearly Ice Contracting 

From start-up to removal, our excellently trained staff will provide ice installation, general day-to-day maintenance as well as tournament quality ice conditions for your club's season.

We work with you and your timeline when it comes to install, maintenance, and day-to-day operations and special events. You let us know when your leagues, bonspiels, and bookings are, and we'll get your ice ready in time!

Become a "Preferred Club" and receive exclusive access to ice making products and special pricing.

We're always on-call in case anything happens.

What We Do

Ice Install

Plant start-up • Cooling pad • Levelling floods Painting white Paint sealing Hack & Divider install Lines (centre, 4 foot if requested, dividers if necessary)  Cutting and painting circles (your choice of colour) OR placement of provided vinyl rings Placement of all decals including in-ice logos, rock markers (or boxes) ** Decals are provided or can be ordered through us ** • Cooling rocks (rock maintenance beforehand) 

General Day-to-Day Maintenance

Daily scraping  Cleaning & Pebbling for each draw  Ice & Air temperature checks & adjustments  Maintaining depth checks

Weekly Maintenance

Deep scrape  Burning or Hot Mopping  Filling and scraping holes/markings from knees & hands  Ensure ice equipment, ice plant, rocks or other items are in working order

Mid-Season Maintenance

Deep scrape, Burn, or Controlled melt  Flooding  Per-club basis determination of what should be done to maintain perfect quality of ice

Ice Removal

Removal of rocks from ice surface and placed into storage  Melting of ice  Decals cleaned off and put into storage (lay flat or roll up)  Hacks and Dividers cleaned off and stored  Paint and water removal  Pad clean-up • Plant shut-down

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