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 for Curling Clubs & Hockey Arenas 

2021/22 Season - Physical Distancing Ice Decals & Floor Stickers

We are pleased to help curling clubs reopen this season by offering Ice Decals and Floor Stickers to promote physical distancing on and off the ice.
All items are custom designed from our graphics department and are printed on industry standard materials at competitive pricing. All Ice Decals have been sourced locally to be offered at a lower price to you. 
If you would like to order, please fill out the order form (be sure to specify whether Ice Decal or Floor Sticker) and email it back to us. We will respond upon receival of your email.

Supporting all Curling Clubs and Hockey Arenas 

We make it easier efficient economical for you and your club or arena.


It’s easier for you and your club or arena to get curling or playing hockey. We take care of everything from install including materials, maintenance and preparation, to removal and everything in between, all on your timeline.


We handle everything related to your ice. That way, you can focus on other things like getting new players to join and participate in the great sports of curling and hockey. We’ll focus on the ice, you focus on your club or arena.


We work with you when it comes to your budget. We source all materials used for install and maintenance,  determine staffing requirements to fit your needs, while working hard to minimize ice related operational costs. 

Our Services

Ice Installation

We offer a range of ice installation packages to suit your club’s or arena’s needs.

Yearly Ice Contracting

From start-up to removal, our excellently trained staff will provide ice installation, general day-to-day and mid-season overhaul maintenance as well as tournament quality ice conditions for your club’s or arena’s season.

Consulting & Training

We offer year-round consulting services to help you get the best out of your ice.

We can train your staff to help your club or arena obtain high quality ice conditions for the season.


Working closely with a Canadian ice making company, we handle the design and manufacturing of decals between you and your sponsors. 

Whether you need advice on how to save your ice from melting or you just need some extra hands, we're here to help; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Access to Industry Leading Ice and Air Monitoring Technologies

Monitor your ice and air temperatures (and more like humidity) no matter where you are on your phone or computer using Ice Advice Ltd. devices and services.

Ice Advice Ltd.

Ice Advice2

Our Store

Access to the Best Products in Ice Manufacturing

We source all materials used in our ice making from the best Canadian companies including paint, mops, scrapers, and decals. You can trust that your ice will be made to perfection.

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